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I can tell you from experience that you can absolutely manifest whatever it is that you want into your life.  ANYTHING.  Friends, career, a romantic partner, a new adventure... whatever it is that you want - you can have it.   I have used the Law of Attraction for YEARS - and let me tell you I am beyond grateful for the life that it has given me.  With that said, I do think there are some very serious misconceptions about the Law of Attraction - and that inspired me to write this no-bullshit guide on exactly how the Law of Attraction works and how you can use it to fulfill your highest potential.  

A No Bullshit Guide to Using the Law of Attraction

In case you are brand new to the concept of the Law of Attraction - it is a very simple Law.  Basically - what you think about, you bring about.  You are consistently bringing either positive or negative experiences into your life based on the thoughts you are holding in your mind.  From a "woo woo" standpoint - it is because your thoughts hold an energetic frequency, and it is a hard Universal fact that like attracts like. 

Ever heard a friend say one of these things...

"UGH!  The only men I ever date are jerks who don't treat me well!".... and who is her next boyfriend?  A jerk who doesn't treat her well.  

"NONE of my co-workers like me!" ....(proceeds to act standoff-ish to his co-workers, who, in turn - then don't like him)....

This goes the same for super positive and grateful people.  They seem to have great luck when it comes to career and relationships - right?!  Why?! 

Because LIKE attracts LIKE.   

Your thoughts are like a constant magnet bringing people, events, and circumstances into your life that will validate what is going on in your mind.  This is why mindfulness is SO important.   If you are holding on to anger, resentment, and bitterness - you will repel positivity, which in turn will only add to your anger, resentment, and bitterness.   If you hold on to love, laughter, and fun - you will repel negativity, which in turn will only add to your love, laughter, and fun.    

Likewise - if you think "this is as good as it gets...." and you stay in a workplace, relationship, friendship or any other situation that does not make you happy - then guess what?!  That will only ever be as good as it gets.   

If you say "I am going to change my life, be abundant, be healthy, and have fulfilling relationships" - guess what - the Universe will absolutely give you what you want. 

Your life - good or bad - is entirely in your control.  Your life - good or bad - is also entirely your fault.   Whether you are conscious of it or not, the Law of Attraction is always at work in your life.  You might as well use that powerful energy to your advantage and MANIFEST whatever it is that you want. 

Ok... so that explains the Law of Attraction... but how exactly does it work?

There are 5 Key Steps to practicing the Law of Attraction, and practicing this can and will bring you anything you desire.

Let's dive into it - shall we?!

Manifestation 101 - The 5 Key Steps to Using the Law of Attraction

1.  Decide

This is the fun part!  Decide what it is that you want - and then PUT IT ON PAPER. 

I have a journal where I use the POWERFUL practice of writing what I want down - starting with the words I AM.  

The catch here is that I truly believe that the things I have decided on makeup who MY highest earthly self is, and so when I use the words I AM - I mean it, and I truly believe it.

When I am in manifestation mode... a journal entry may look a little something like this: 

I AM fit, healthy, and strong

I AM a full-time blogger

I AM plant-based 

I AM financially free

I AM nomadic, constantly traveling

Do you see what I mean?!  I close my eyes and imagine myself where I want to be.  Then I believe that IT IS who I am - and I believe what I want is already mine...just not yet in my grasp.  And then I write it down!

I know a lot of people use Vision Boards, and I think they are amazing.  Just be sure to use the powerful words "I AM"... and believe it. 

Note:  If you saw my "list" from a few years ago - you would see that I am RIGHT NOW exactly where I wanted to be.  I wanted a blog that had hit 10,000 hits/month, to be living in the Okanagan, to have lost a significant amount of weight, and to have done a full year of travel.  This is science guys - for real. 

2.  Align

Once you have decided what you want - the Universe will get to work.  But you need to get to work as well. 

Such a common misconception about the Law of Attraction is that the Universe will do the work for you - but the most important step in the Manifestation process is living your life RIGHT NOW - to the best of your ability - as if what you wanted was already in your life.  

For example:  If you decided you wanted to be advanced at yoga, how often would you realistically be going to a yoga class?  4 times a week?  Well, guess what honey - then you need to be in that beginner class 4 times a week.  

You need to energetically radiate what it is that you want from the very inside of your core. 

Once the decision happens, it is alignment where the real magic happens.

From my list that you saw above - you will see that when I am in proper alignment I am making fitness a priority, making plant-based eating a priority, blogging regularly etc.  When I do these things I see MAGICAL changes in my life.  When I DON'T do these things I do not see magical things happening at the same pace.  Why?! 

Because I am out of alignment.  It's simple!  

3.  Surrender

If I could triple underline this point - I would.  This is the single biggest misconception about the Law of Attraction - and it is SO important for this to be understood.

Once you have decided WHAT it is that you want - the Universe will do 90% of the work.  10% (the alignment) is up to you.  As I once heard Arianna Huffington say - you MUST give that 10% ALL of your energy.   Give that 10% - ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.   The other 90% is being done for you - but you NEED to relinquish control of it. 

When you surrender - you stop blocking any energy - and the Universe will be able to flow properly, and work in your highest favor.    

A fantastic example of this I have witnessed in numerous dating situations.  A friend will be looking for a relationship (for example) and will meet a person who seems to check off a lot of the qualities they are looking for.  Someone in proper alignment might get excited, and trust that if this is the partner they have been waiting for - it will work out.  They will be themselves, get to know that person, and maybe fall in mutual love.   They may also not, and it won't be a big deal to them - because they are confident that it is only in the interests of their highest good. 

On the other hand - someone NOT in proper alignment might go to a place of fear and insecurity, and therefore try to gain control.  They have shifted into an energy of lack of trust, resulting in an energy block.   They maybe start to call that person too much, give off a desperate vibe, consistently text them etc. - resulting in a repelling of a committed relationship...which is what they want. 

Surrender allows what is in your highest good to come to you.  Trying to control a situation repels the energy... which will only repel what you want. 

Using the Law of Attraction properly is a balancing act of knowing what you want, and surrendering to let it come to you.  

Surrender is extremely important.  If you decide and align - the surrender is what will allow the energy to flow freely in your favor. 

4.  Trust the Flow

When you decide, align, and surrender - you will align with a frequency that is certain to take you on a journey.  Mostly this journey is incredible, but it certainly is not always easy.   The journey could potentially (and will very likely) mean sacrifice.  It could cost you friendships, relationships, jobs - or otherwise... and you have to understand that it is part of the process.   

Thankfully - there is a very powerful tool the Universe gives us to make this part easy for us. 


If you are properly flowing - you will be in tune with your intuition, which will work as your guide. 


With as much grace and gentleness as you can - avoid the bad vibes.    There is absolutely no way for you to flow properly if you bathe yourself in negativity.  Negativity is toxic to progress, and being around it consistently is one sure way to kick you out of alignment.   

This doesn't mean you won't need to show patience in your relationships, or will never have a bad day - but it means shifting your consciousness to be aware of the vibes (energy) that you are in.  This shift in awareness will show you consistencies in your environments. 

A fantastic example of this is people who have big career goals, but their interim day job is in an absolutely toxic office environment.  They dread going to work each day, are treated poorly, and consistently work in heavy energy.  Yet they grin and bear it - and keep going to that job day in and out.


On the other hand - if you are in alignment, and you feel people pulling away from you, or you lose your job, or something else happens that seems to really hurt .... you need to trust that the Universe is doing its thing.  It is ok to be sad, you need to feel it to heal it!  But you can find comfort in the trust that it is in your highest good, and the Universe is simply getting rid of things for you that are not in alignment with your highest potential. 

Trusting the flow means letting go of things that do not serve you anymore - and guys - I know better than anyone that this is not easy.  You may need to deal with being misunderstood and ridiculed ...or even suffer other consequences for letting go of things that do not feel in alignment with where you are going.  But you need to trust your intuition and let it go.  

Your intuition is your guide and consistent bad vibes are toxic to your highest potential.  Be gentle - but honor yourself and what you are in alignment with.  Toxic environments, people, and situations are a sure fire way to take you out of alignment.  Avoid them.  

5.  Be Grateful 

Be genuinely grateful. 


About 6 months ago from when I am writing this - I separated from my husband.  Healing my attachment wound to him was one of the most painful experiences I have ever walked through,  but at the same time... I was confident that we were not right for each other.  I was also confident that he would be a significant part of my life (in a new way) at some point.  I really saw no way how this could possibly happen, but I decided that it was going to happen.   I aligned with that decision, and then I surrendered.  Fast forward to now - my friendship with my ex is one of the most beautiful friendships I have in my life.  I could easily choose to be bitter and angry that our relationship didn't work out - or I can look at the entire experience as something that I got to grow - SIGNIFICANTLY - through. 

The reason I use this as an example is that society may look at our situation and say.... "Are you crazy?!  You can't be friends with your ex!  You are supposed to be mad at each other!" 

My belief?  I am absolutely grateful for the relationship we shared, and what it taught me.  I am so grateful for how our break-up happened because it really allowed us to close the door on our relationship and move on.  I am so grateful for who he is as a person, and he is one of my best friends.

You can choose to look at things from a place of love and gratitude ...or through a lense of bitterness and anger.   It really is up to you.

When you decide, align, and surrender - your entire frequency will shift into one where you are in complete awe and joy when things are going well, and when we face challenges (as all humans do) you will look at them as opportunities to grow.   

Live in genuine gratitude - and expect the Universe to bring more things to you that will only cause you more gratitude. 

I am so honored to be able to write about the one thing that has completely transformed my life - Manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  If you like this post and want to see more like it - please join the tribe on Instagram and let me know!

I love you guys more than you will EVER know!



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