Why Every Ambitious Woman Needs a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journalling... the secret weapon of all ambitious warrior woman out there today.  We have all seen the bullet journal inspiration photos blasted on social media...those photos of the most picture perfect pristine days planned out over an impeccable bullet page - but as pretty as they are, I set out to answer the question... do they really make a difference?   

In my quest to find out I set out to Walmart and got myself a ruled notebook, some colored pencils, and set out to plan my days in true "Get-it-Done" bullet style.  Unfortunately, I soon learned that my lack of any kind of artistic ability spilled over onto my bullet journaling and it was taking way too much time to organize a blank page effectively.   My huge, bulky, and very ugly journal soon got forgotten. 

I knew I had goals - and I knew I had serious work to put in in order to reach those goals, but without a plan and clear direction, I was finding it hard to stay on track.  I stumbled across an ad for the Self Journal by Best Self Co and I was pretty excited.  This company has laid out a perfect bullet journal for you (much to the delight of unartistic professionals everywhere).  I knew I had to get organized to progress - and I was struggling.  I decided to give it a go. 

Why Every Ambitious Woman Needs a Bullet Journal


13 Week Goal Road Map - Best Self Co.

This is so much more than a bullet journal.  This is a daily road map to reach your short and long term goals.  This is a SYSTEM of holding yourself accountable AND for laying out each month, week, and day to be as effective and efficient as possible.   I have been using this journal for one month now and I have accomplished more this month than the past four months combined. For such a small investment I could not be more happy with how effective this system is.  Again - this my friends is a game changer

Bullet Journal (Self Journal) - Best Self Co.

I am so excited to have this added to my routine and it makes me so proud and excited for what is actually possible when you put the work in.  I can say with clarity that every ambitious woman definitely DOES need a bullet journal.  

Interested in the same one I use?  Get yours here!

I want to know if you currently bullet journal and if you do use the Self Journal - what your thoughts are!  Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @courtney.morel 

Love you guys,

xoxo - Court 

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