4 Weight Loss Hacks for Insanely Fast Results

It's no secret to those who have followed me for awhile that I have lost a lot of weight - nearly 30lbs!  It took years of reading numerous articles and blogs with bullsh*t tips & tricks and trying 100 different diets to find the 4 important hacks that will actually help you lose weight and keep the fat off for good.   These four insanely easy weight-loss hacks will completely transform your body - you will be amazed at the speed at which the fat starts melting off!


This is by far and away the most important weight-loss hack that you will ever learn.  This was the one change I made in my eating habits that made me consistently lose weight at a steady pace.  Intermittent fasting is essentially not changing what you eat, but when you eat.  Our digestive systems need a good break in order for our bodies to function at their full potential.  There are many different methods to Intermittent fasting - though the one I prefer is an eight-hour eating window and a 16 hour fasting period.  Giving yourself an 8-hour window in which you eat your meals gives your digestive system a 16-hour break - and will make you drop fat fast in the meantime.  Personally - I find it easiest to skip breakfast and break my fast at 1:00PM.  I eat a nutrient dense lunch, a nutrient dense dinner, and a small snack right before 9:00PM before my fasting period begins again.  I will put a disclaimer here that this is very hard for the first week.  You really just have to make it through with discipline and once the challenging period is over - it is extremely easy when your body adjusts.  Then - without trying - you will keep dropping weight like crazy!


There are tons of over-all health and wellness benefits to adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your daily routine which is fantastic.  Why I personally think it's awesome?  If you take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar at around 3:00PM it will suppress your appetite until dinnertime.  Keep in mind I say 3:00PM because I do not eat until 1:00PM - you want to take your shot a few hours after your first meal.  DO NOT TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!  Disclaimer:  It literally tastes awful.  Mix a tiny bit of honey, organic apple juice, and cinnamon into your shot and it will significantly help - but make sure to just plug your nose and down it in one go.  20 seconds of pain but insane fat loss to gain!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the ultimate exercise for busy people who are looking to tone up while losing weight fast.  It's super quick, super efficient, easy to do at home, and gives results quickly.  The HIIT workouts that I do are no longer than 25 minutes and I personally like videos that count down each exercise as its way harder to push yourself when you can gauge how much longer you have.  Check out my 3 Favourite Do-At-Home HIIT Workouts Here. 


This might seem silly - but it was fundamentally crucial for my personal weight loss.  Losing 30lbs is hard - but losing 2lbs is easy.  I would weigh myself daily, and write 2lbs less on a sticky note which I would put on my mirror.  Once I hit that 2lb goal, I would write a new 2lb goal.  It was easy to my easy life adjustments when I was thinking of only losing two pounds.  I highly recommend this practice!

Have you had success at your own personal weight-loss?  I want to hear your hacks!  Reach out on Instagram @courtney.morel or leave me a comment below! 

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