The top 5 BEST plant-based recipes online today!

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I absolutely love to test new plant-based recipes that I find online.  There are plenty that are good, plenty that are bad, and every now and again you find an absolute GEM of a recipe that you cannot imagine not having in your life.   I have tried HUNDREDS of recipes (personally) - and I am happy to share with you the top 5 hands down BEST plant-based recipes online.  These will pack you full of nutrients while giving your taste buds a party.  Enjoy! 

The Top 5 Best Plant Based Meals Online Right Now

5. Copycat Earls Santa Fe Salad - The Kitchen Magpie

Ok - so obviously I personally ax the chicken on this recipe… but TRUST that this is the most BOMB salad you will ever eat in your life.  The peanut lime vinaigrette is absolutely divine, and the dates, black beans, and avocado make this salad so flavourful and filling - I couldn't possibly imagine needing to add chicken or even additional plant-based protein.  So good!

Get the recipe HERE

4. Quinoa Tacos - Minimalist Baker

This recipe is a serious game-changer.  Before a transitioned into a mostly vegan, plant-based diet ... I was obsessed with tacos.  Like - obsessed.  And - I can happily say, I am still obsessed with tacos, only now they are GUILT FREE!  Winning!  My husband and I have added this AMAZING recipe to our regular dinner rotations and are obsessed with it.  We serve the taco meat on whole grain tortillas with guacamole, salsa, and romaine lettuce and it is SO. FREAKING. DELICIOUS!  

Get the recipe HERE

3. Superfood Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl - Simply Courtney

Superfood Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl

I may feel slightly guilty for tooting my own horn here - but leettts get real.  This recipe is kind of the tits.  It's ridiculously nutrient dense, looks gorgeous, is super energizing, and I am not lying to you - it tastes like the best ice cream you have ever had.  Trust me on this one - if you can get away with having "ice-cream" for breakfast - do it.  

Get the recipe HERE

2. Vegan Chili with Homemade Sour Cream - Oh She Glows

I will be honest with you and tell you I have never gone so far as to make the Homemade Sour Cream that goes with this recipe.  BUT I can tell you that this is the best chili, hands-down I have ever had in my life.  That includes when I was a meat-eater.  Also, this dish is PACKED with protein, which is so appreciated on a plant fueled diet.  

Get the recipe HERE

1. Almond Butter Tofu Bowls - Minimalist Baker

The Top 5 Absolute Best Plant-Based Meal Plans Online!

Image Source:  Minimalist Baker 

This tofu is seriously life-changing.  If you are well-versed in Tofu, you will know that it is one of those things that is either really delicious....or terribly bad.  There is just no in-between with Tofu.  While this makes me nervous to try new recipes, when Tofu is done right it is my hands down favourite protein in the world!  It is so freaking delicious when the flavour and texture is right.  This dish NAILED both.  It was crispy, full of flavour, and the best part was I was done the entire meal in 25 minutes!  

Get the recipe HERE

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Love you guys!


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