Eureka, California

Eureka, California was one of the only destinations on this trip that Kris and I fully & whole heartily agreed on.  He knew there was awesome riding nearby, I was super stoked checking out the photos of the Victorian Architecture, and we were both beyond excited to check hiking the Redwood Forest off our bucket list!  I would be lying to say though that Eureka didn't come without a few surprises.  First of all - the Victorian Architecture was INCREDIBLE, but Old Town Eureka had a huge homelessness problem.  It was nearly the worst case of homelessness I had ever witnessed, only topped by Vancouver, Canada - and it at times made for some uncomfortable experiences.  Also, Kris ran into huge problems riding in California and ended up not being able to ride AT ALL.  Also - the Redwood Forest ended up being an almost 40 minute drive away which was a pain since we spent 3 full days there - so if we were to go again we would definitely stay closer and come into Eureka for only a day trip.  While it DID come with its set of challenges - it is worth a visit and we had some awesome experiences.  Here is our travel guide! 


Redwood Coast Cabins & RV Resort

Eureka California

Redwood Coast Cabins and RV Resort was a resort that we went ahead and booked for the whole week.  Upon booking - we were a little bit nervous as the owner warned us that it was "under construction" and that they would be "making improvements".  It was well priced though and there wasn't really many options so we just went on a leap of faith.  Redwood Coast seemed to have a lot of long-term residents.  The residents were SO friendly.  In a pull-through site we quickly made friends with our hilarious neighbour Jerry who filled us in on all the treasures of Humboldt County.  The Wifi in the pull-through site was TERRIBLE.  Like - unusable.  It was so bad that we considered shortening our stay because we couldn't work.  BUT... we moved to a grassed back-in site after two nights which was not only nicer but the Wifi in that site was fantastic!  We were even able to stream Netflix.  Quite the difference. The showers were also free, hot & clean which was great!  Also - the resort would be awesome for kids in the summer with a killer playground, mini-golf, additional games and a pool/hot tub that was being worked on.    If you book here be prepared that you will be a good 40 minute drive from the Redwood hiking trails BUT you are only a 5 minute drive to the amenities of Eureka.  Make sure to book a back-in site as Jerry warned us that the cable was also not good at all but the back-in site with its good wifi will allow you to stream!  They will let you dump after your stay in an empty pull-through site as well if you book a back-in.  The back-in site is a much better option. 


Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

As I mentioned before - we spent 3 out of 7 days in the area 40 minutes away from town lost in the woods haha so between working we didn't get to check out as much local cuisine as we would have liked.  With that said - Kris insisted on checking out Black Lightning because of its Motorcycle Theme.  I am happy to report that the food was fantastic as well!  The place was full of locals - and the Fuel Injection espresso drink was definitely the highlight.  Check out our full experience here. 


Carson Mansion

Carson Mansion - Eureka

Eureka is known for its Old Town & Victorian Architecture.  This mansion is INCREDIBLE.  It is considered the most Grand of all Victorian homes in America - and it has a very Tim Burton-esque energy.  The walk up to the mansion is gorgeous in itself - seeing all the Victorian homes… but this home I sat and stared at for almost an hour.  It is now owned by a Private Gentlemens Club (think scotch and cigars) who I did reach out to, to see if they would give me access to the interior.  Unfortunately they didn't respond (wah!) so no blogger perks for me.  It has such an interesting history it is a total shame that it isn't a museum - but it is more than worth a visit.  We ended up heading next door to the library for an afternoon of working - but getting lunch in Old Town Eureka and walking around the used bookstores would make a fabulous day in Eureka.

Redwood National Forest

Redwood National Forest

This was most definitely the highlight for me during our stay.  It was simply magical in the Redwoods.  Eureka is sandwiched directly in the middle of the Avenue of the Giants to the South and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to the North.   We did all of our hiking in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park because it really did capture our hearts and only drove through the Avenue of the Giants (which was gorgeous but seemed to have less trail-heads). The drive to Prairie Creek is not only gorgeous but also super fun with tons of carving shops to go shopping in - and the famous "Squatchin" in the area (yes… as in searching for Sasquatches… which we did… and it was such an epic fail it needs its own post…. which I promise to post ASAP!).  When you drive into Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park there are tons of trail-heads that you can park at - the most popular definitly being the "Big Tree" which is hilarious because its a singular big tree that is idolized surrounded by other…. big trees.  But the hiking is AWESOME and the other trails in the area are simply stunning.  DO NOT MISS THIS! 

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Love you guys <3 


Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe
I went Squatchin'

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