Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

After doing some research into the local cafes and restaurants of Eureka, California… there was one that Kris stopped and stared at - and then demanded that we must go before we left town.  You have probably guessed why by the title of the post - Black Lightning is a cool little spot that combines great food and an atmosphere that is a bikers paradise.

Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe

To put it mildly - Kris was beyond stoked once we arrived.  Apart from the moto-shop and rider-themed decor, there were super-bike races on in the background and a crew of people both watching the races and eating lunch.  He told me "If we lived here, I would probably come here everyday".  That's saying something!

Kris at the Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe

The salads on the menu looked absolutely AWESOME, and we all know that I have a serious salad obsession - but we were both pretty hungry so each went with one of their Paninis and a drink from the espresso bar. 

Breakfast at the Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe

I went with the "Ducati" Panini, which was the classic tomato, mozzarella, basil combo with the tart addition of balsamic vinegar.  Kris went with the "Guzzi" which was turkey, pesto, tomato, arugula and mozzarella.  Both were delicious, warm and hearty - and served on fresh home-made bread with a side of hot kettle chips.  Delicious!

Coffee at the Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe

The real winners at this cafe though were the drinks from the espresso bar.  Kris went with the popular Lightning Latte - which was a latte with caramel, cinnamon and vanilla.  I was a little worried that it would be super sweet - but it wasn't at all.  It was the perfect balance of mild flavours - and was so smooth and tasty.  I went with the Fuel Injection - which is a breve latte with coconut oil and a little raw sugar (sounded interesting and intriguing) - though I opted for soy instead of Breve (half & half) and an extra shot of espresso.  It was soooooo good!  The coconut oil made for such a unique and addicting flavour and I loved it with the soy milk. 

Coffee at the Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe

We will definitely be coming back to this cafe on our travels through California - I can't wait to try the salads!  Make sure not to miss it while you are in town. 

Canon Beach, Oregon
Eureka, California

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