Canon Beach, Oregon

After a quick visit to the Vancouver, BC area to take care of some errands, we crossed into Washington.  The first major metropolitan area we hit, we were completely floored at the level of traffic - and after 3 hours in traffic and a chilly overnight stay - we decided to both beeline for the coast and head a little further south in the hopes that it would be a little warmer.  Driving the coast of Oregon was absolutely gorgeous.

Canon Beach Oregon

We hit Seaside, Oregon and it was pretty cute - so we reckoned we would find a place to stay for the night.  We found a popular RV resort that seemed to be nice and have lots of empty sites, but upon driving up we found out it was $60/night with no wifi throughout the park!  Not going to work for us.  We checked the map - and saw that Canon Beach was only a quick jaunt up the road  so we decided to check it out.  We literally fell in LOVE with Canon Beach at first sight.  

All the buildings were low and made of cedar.  The town was lit with little white Christmas lights, and it was coastal charm at its best.  We quickly found an awesome deal at Canon Beach RV Resort, who were offering two nights for the price of one during their off-season.  It was located so close to town, it was so nice to be able to walk Charlie right into town and onto the beach!  Charlie LOVED the huge beach that was happy to have leashed dogs, and I was in love with the view! 

Canon Beach

The resort also had awesome amenities that we weren't used to, such as an indoor pool and hot-tub!  The park was under construction at the time, but the noise or the construction view didn't bother us at all.  The staff were friendly - but the Wifi was terrible.  It worked out ok though since it was so close to town - and Canon Beach had the cutest coffee shops, and we found one with awesome coffee, an adorable atmosphere AND good wifi.  Insomnia Coffee Company became our work spot for the few days we were in Oregon and I was not complaining! 

Insomnia Coffee Company

I definitely wish we were able to stay in Canon Beach for longer - it was a place that was so awesome to randomly stumble upon and I will certainly be coming back.  

Tofino, BC
Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

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