Rhino Coffee House

Rhino Coffee House was an accidental find.  An accidental EPIC find!  It was raining outside as we were checking out the local shops and galleries of Tofino, so we popped into Rhino for a cup of drip coffee. 

Rhino Coffee House

The interior came as a wicked surprise - with the coolest surf-vibe and super cozy and "chill-out" decor.  The delicious sounding donuts also quickly caught our attention, and it didn't take much convincing from Kris for us to give one a try.

Rhino Coffee house donuts
Rhino Coffee House Sandwich

It was extremely difficult to decide what to have for lunch… mainly because their menu basically offered everything that we could possibly want out of a lunch.  Just check it out yourself here.  Kris finally settled on the Pesto Turkey Sandwich.  It was roast turkey (like real, chunks of roast turkey.  No deli meat here!), tomato, cucumber, swiss cheese, pesto mayo & mixed greens on sourdough.  It was the meat quality that Kris couldn't get over.  It was just so much BETTER than a normal turkey sandwich.  He loved the pesto mayo and the sourdough bread was fantastic.  High five on the sandwich.

Rhino Coffee House Salad

It was even harder for me to decide what to eat… because the menu had multiple fabulous sounding Vegetarian options (they even had veggie-chili on special that day…which was almost unfair agony to say no to) but I finally settled on the Mixed Greens Salad, because I craving a yummy salad… and this definitely delivered.  The salad was mixed greens, toasted hazelnuts, goat cheese, red onion, cucumber, craisins - served with the house vinaigrette.  Besides having all the ingredients of a perfect salad (in my opinion), it was the house vinaigrette and the toasted hazelnuts that turned this into a real winner of a salad.  The dressing was so fresh, and had a citrusy, almost creamy taste… and it was LOADED with fresh dill (yyyessssss!).  The hazelnuts had that beautiful smokey flavour and went perfect with the dressing and the fresh goat cheese.  10/10 on the salad. 

Rhino Coffee House coffee and donuts

Obviously - we ended our meal with some donuts.  All of the donuts sounded amazing on round 2 as well - but we both couldn't NOT get the Sour Cream, Beer Glaze.  It's one of those things in life that once you try it - you can't go back.  And it was just as ridiculous (in the best possible way) this time as it was the first time.  

DO NOT miss this lunch spot if you are in Tofino.  You will thank us. You're welcome (in advance). 



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