Crystal Cove Resort

Tofino, BC was easily one the most insanely magical places I have been to in Canada - coming from a girl who has travelled to every province!  Crystal Cove Resort was the RV Resort (though it's more well-known for its rustic cabins right on the beach) where we stayed  and it was so so soooo amazing!  Ugh.  I can't even.

Before I talk about the amenities that made Crystal Cove so "homey", let's talk about Mackenzie Beach.

Mackenzie Beach

Crystal Cove is right on Mackenzie Beach, which is BEAUTIFUL.  When the tide is low, there are so many fun rocks to scramble over, and Charlie adored his morning walks along the sand.  Plus… the photo-ops were a plenty, and there was always dogs and humans for our Prince to say hello to.  There were a few beaches in Tofino that can't be missed… and living on one of them for a week was kind of awesome. 

Crystal Cove

As I mentioned, Crystal Cove is mostly known for its rustic cabins, and while many surfing tourists are coming to enjoy the luxury of walking off your doorstep onto world class surf - from November through until March it's a wildly popular spot for storm watching.  Waves in Tofino can reach 20' (or sometimes higher) in storm season!  While we didn't personally get to see waves that big, the storms we did get to see were so fun, thrilling and memorable.

Crystal Cove

The RV sites at the resort are conveniently sandwiched between the laundry/shower house (showers are free!), and the office, coffee shop, and playground.

Crystal Cove Office

The office is a lovely cabin with a rustic interior, and apart from having the front desk it also has a huge selection of movies and board games free to borrow.  The best part though easily was Bean at the Cove…

Bean at the Cove

It was a full Starbucks bar offering lattes, mochas - even Frappuccino's in the summer! But I am literally obsessed with Starbucks drip coffee and they offer it to guests FOR FREE!? 

Starbucks at Crystal Cove

And the fact that they were brewing Holiday Blend (my all-time favourite coffee) near the end of our stay was just a gift from heaven.  Apart from free freaking coffee and Espresso available for purchase… the baristas were so insanely nice!  One morning we asked the barista for good hiking suggestions and the sweetheart pulled out a map, and showed us every single one of her favourite hikes between Tofino and Ucluelet - and she even told us where to stop for lunch.  So nice.

Playground at Crystal Cove

Also worth mentioning is this huge and rad playground that my nieces & nephew would have loved.  It's located at the office and is sandwiched between the RV sites and the cabins.  Great for families.

The sites themselves were great.  They were super private and spacious… and had 30 amp power, sewer, water, a picnic table and a fire pit.  Oh - and the firewood is also free.  Seriously. 

RV Sites at Crystal Cove

Apart from being super comfy & convenient - it was just nice to be somewhere where all the staff were so happy and nice!  The amenities were great, but everything was super clean and well maintained… and the location was awesome.  Apart from being right on the beach, you were only a moments drive from town, and the bike path that takes you into Tofino was  right at the end of your driveway.

Crystal Cove Tofino

I definitely won't be staying anywhere else when I return to Tofino!



Thank you so much to JJ and the Crystal Cove Crew for hosting our stay in Tofino!  We can't wait to come back. 

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Rhino Coffee House

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