Reflexions Yoga & Fitness Studio

I finished my 30 day yoga challenge online and was sooo excited that this amazing practice found its way into my life.  I feel calmer, more balanced and overall less anxious.  Win! 

Becky - one of the yoga instructors at Reflexions Studio
Becky - one of the yoga instructors at Reflexions Studio
Becky - one of the yoga instructors at Reflexions Studio

One of my good friends who is really into yoga advised me that the energy of a quality studio adds so much to the yoga experience - so after finishing my 30 day challenge just over a week ago, I decided that I should venture out and research the studios in my area.  After asking around - Reflexions Yoga & Fitness Studio was easily the most recommended place, so Kris and I (he is interested in Hot Yoga to help with his riding) decided to go check it out.

Reflexions Yoga & Fitness Studio

Reflexions was very easy to find, and immediately upon walking in, we knew we had found our new little yoga home.  The owner Rose greeted us into the studio and gave us the rundown on the classes offered.  She had the calm, kind, soft-spoken energy of someone who does a lot of yoga - and the studio has that gentle dim lighting and overall relaxing energy - so perfect!

Inside Reflexions Yoga & Fitness Studio

I love the cute touches that make the place so homey.... look at this adorable tea station!

Reflextions Tea Station

And yes, after class - they serve tea!

Energize Me Tea

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the front of the studio is a boutique offering everything from yoga mats & accessories to active wear (and everything in between).  This is awesome - we all know that I have a slight addiction to yoga wear (ok major addiction...) 

Yoga wear at Reflexions Yoga and Fitness Studio

So far I am only a few classes in...but please be sure to follow my full yoga experience with Reflexions on twitter & instagram @wayfaretrail .  Can't wait to see you there!

Love you all so much - and of course - Namaste <3


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