Mae Sa Waterfall

We had a big day planned for our third day in Chiang Mai.  We got up early to head to the small market in Baan Kang Wat which is a small shopping area hidden in the streets of Chiang Mai.  We fell in LOVE with Baan Kang Wat immediately, and it ended up being our workspace of choice over the course of the week.  On sunday mornings there is a very local and very small market where they sell fruit, various foods and vegan baked goods (yessss!).  We got a few things to eat for breakfast and went to get some coffee in the back corner at the Old Chiang Mai Cafe.  I love this cafe.  Their coffee is amazing and the cafe itself is tucked away and totally serene, quiet, and very green.  So amazing.

the Old Chiang Mai Cafe

After our breakfast, we went to rent a motorbike for the week.  After testing out Dave's motorbike, Kris decided he was ready to brave the streets of Chiang Mai on our own bike - and if you are comfortable on a bike it really is the best and cheapest way to get around.  The rental cost $1000 Baht for 5 days (so $35 dollars Canadian approximately).  Once we had our bike, we met up with a friend of Nikki's and we all headed to Mae Sa Waterfall, which is about half an hour outside of Chiang Mai.  The drive to Mae Sa was so pretty, and there was no shortage of things to see.  There were elephant parks, extreme sport retreats and live cobra shows all over the road.  You can definitely tell this is a place frequented by tourists!  To get into Mae Sa it was $100 baht per person and $20 baht per motorbike - so $220 baht total for Kris and I ($9-ish CAD).  Once parked - there are rows of food stalls ready to sell you fresh thai food and cold drinks to take for a picnic at the falls.  They even provide you with the picnic basket and the mat to sit on.  We ordered a feast of food for 5 people.  Salads, rice, glass noodles and it came to about $300 baht total (about $11 CAD). 

The falls are absolutly incredible.  I would definitely put this on a "Must-Do" list if you are visiting Chiang Mai.  There are several tiers of falls, and you are free to set up a picnic area, enjoy your lunch, and go swimming.

Mae Sa Waterfall

Since it was a sunday afternoon, the falls were quite busy - mostly with locals enjoying their weekend. Text Section

Mae Sa Waterfall

The food was so delicious, and after eating we cooled off by going swimming, and then Kris and I went exploring all the tiers to some pictures and just enjoy the stunning walk.

Mae Rim

We headed out from the falls around 4:00pm (the falls close at 5:00pm daily) and decided to stop for coffee in Mae Rim, which is the very small and very beautiful town that is closest to Mae Sa. 

I got a cool coconut smoothie with banana (they had a fresh fruit basket and you just chose what you wanted) and enjoyed it with a fantastic view and the best company.  


We headed home to have a quick shower - as we planned to head to the sunday night market in the "Old City" (a large section of central Chiang Mai).  The market was huge and highly populated with tourists - and its definitely something that is good to see if you are in Chiang Mai on a weekend. 

Chiang Mai on a weekend.

We walked around the market which was PACKED with foreigners, and enjoyed very cheap street food for dinner.  I got a steamed bun for supper and Kris got a large bowl of fried rice (both were $20 baht, so about $0.90 cents each CAD).  Street food is DEFINITELY the best way to eat if you are a traveller on a budget.  Kris also got banana/chocolate Roti... which is very similar to the famous thai tourist banana pancakes which are basically a thin, crepe like pancake fried in butter with chopped banana cooked inside and covered with chocolate sauce.  Very healthy hahaha!  But very delicious.

Another jam packed day in Chiang Mai - so fun and full of laughter, memories and of course... good food!  



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