NASA - Houston, Texas

Houston, as I mentioned in my last post, was two weeks mostly spent with family.  My sister Candice did, however, ask me when we first got there if there was anything in particular we wanted to see while we were there.  Obviously there was... NASA!  She promised to take us there.  

For those unfamiliar, NASA is the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and it is internationally famous for its space research and campaigns.  They have had several (6 to be exact) successful Apollo missions with astronauts landing on the surface of the moon, and currently have a rover "curiosity" exploring the surface of Mars.  

I am obsessed with space.  Some of my all time favourite movies include Armageddon, Interstellar, and Deep Impact.  One of my best friends Cristina and I have a tradition of watching Alien documentaries in our PJ's, and other friends can attest to the fact that I tend to go UFO hunting if I have had a drink or two!  I looove me some space.  I was so excited to go to NASA.

Walking into NASA, you are greeted with lots of activity.  Tons of people, interactive games, lights, noise, and colour everywhere.  They have done a phenomenal job of making NASA a fun place for a family to go.  We had brought the minis (Candice & Matteos daughters Sofia & Olivia) with us, and while Sofia was happy with all the things to look at, Olivia (2 years old) was thrilled with all the things to touch and play with..including the ramps, stairs, and beachballs (go figure haha).


We got in line to go on a tram tour of an astronaut training centre.  It was pretty dated, but super interesting.  There was an old mission control training centre in the same building... pretty dayum cool!


The tram tour then took us to the Saturn rocket building (don't quote me on the name hahaha) and that was incredible!  There was information on every apollo mission, as well as a rocket to observe and take pictures.  The sheer size of that thing!  So, so cool.  One day, maybe, I will get in one of those bad boys and find me some Aliens (life goals).

Houston, we've had a problem

After the tram tour we went to check out the shuttle carrier aircraft that was on display.  Basically, it is a former commercial aircraft (Boeing 747) that was modified to be able to transport space shuttle orbitors.  This thing will blow your mind.  It is so hard to imagine a spacecraft being transported via an aircraft... but folks, it happened, and its crazy.  They have now retired the aircraft and parked it at NASA and turned the interior into a "museum" of sorts.  So. Dayum. Cool.


After exploring the aircraft, you are able to check out the exhibit that hosts the material collected from the moon.  Yes - you can touch a moon rock.  We can officially check that off the bucket list!  

After the full day of exploring, Sofia was fast asleep in her carrier on my chest - so we reckoned it might be time to head home.  In a nutshell,  NASA is something that is a MUST do if you are travelling in the Houston area.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Its fun, educational, and at least makes you FEEL one step closer to seeing an alien ;).



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