Family Time in Texas

Houston, Texas seemed like our natural first stop as newbie nomads.  The entire experience of giving up everything to be on the road is equal parts extremely freeing and intimidating.   My sister Candice, her husband Matteo (Kris’s best friend), and their two incredible little girls are our favourite people on the planet.  For the 6 years we were in Edmonton, Candice and Matteo lived down the street from us.  We literally spent every single day together.  They got pregnant with their oldest daughter three years ago, and when she was just a few months old they found out they were to have a second.  Around that time, Candice and Matteo rented out their Edmonton condo with the expectation they would be moving to the States within a few weeks for Matteo’s work.  They moved into our basement with a suitcase expecting to leave right away.  Matteo is an American citizen, but Candice is not… but since they are married and had a young daughter they thought the immigration process would be pretty quick.....turns out it was 10 months.  So yes, poor Candice and Matteo ended up stuck in our tiny little basement with a young child and another on the way for TEN MONTHS.  Of course… we weren’t complaining!  We were so happy to have them and the day they finally moved I "ugly cried" for three days straight.  How is this relevant?  Being with Candice and Matteo feels like home to us.  Going straight to them in Texas, and crashing for a few weeks, seemed to be not only an “ease” into this lifestyle…but we also wanted some good quality time with our wolf pack.

family time in texas

Candice and Matteo certainly did not disappoint as a bed and breakfast (and lunch and dinner haha).  They had a gorgeous guest room with a big comfortable bed, empty closet space, a flat screen TV and a fridge full of our favourite foods.  *sigh*…it was nice.  We had barely seen them in close to a year, and we spent most of the two weeks we were with them playing with the girls (they are the funniest, most amazing little girls in the world), having beers with team Mandice (their nickname), and seeing around their community.  We did check out the Houston Premium Outlet Malls which were kind of a sad place for travellers on a shoe string budget hahaha but SOME DAY I plan to go back and buy some shit because DAYUM there is everything!!  I almost passed out in the Nike outlet… I literally wanted it all!

Houston Premium Outlet Malls

We also went to Kemah boardwalk and NASA while we were in Houston, but NASA is just to damn cool not to do its own post - so more on that to come ;)

We also ate.  A lot.  My sister is literally the greatest cook in the entire world,  and she planned all of her delicious meals to accommodate a vegetarian and/or vegan option (I am still trying to eat as vegan as I possibly can, but being on the road makes it a little more difficult to be strict - so I am a strict, mostly-vegan, vegetarian at the moment).   She made mushroom tacos, the BEST salads, pastas with fresh marinara, and my FAVOURITE… thai peanut wraps (I actually ate three.  Oops.  But they were small haha).  

Thai peanut wraps

If I wear to sum up our two weeks in Houston, I would say… we played a LOT with the girls, laughed, goofed around, relaxed and all in all had a wonderful time :)

Fun in Houston



NASA - Houston, Texas
Wat Palad Temple

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