Once upon a time, a sensitive soul decided to take some time to figure out what life was all about. Putting a career on pause and selling every possession she owned (including her house), she set off with a backpack and high hopes - and she never expected to find what she did.

 A blog was born, and everything changed.   

Turns out while searching for happiness, she found out it was in her all along - though not listening to her inner voice had found her very far from herself.  Little by little she began to ask for guidance, and the most amazing things started to happen. 

What flowed - flowed.  What crashed - crashed.  And in the end, the moment happened where it was all worth it - and she could find happiness in the simplest of things.   

Well, guys - that girl is me! 

I am obsessed with yoga, holistic healing, astrology, and being the happiest and healthiest I can be...with a whole lot of plant-based foods thrown in the mix.  I have a lot to say about it all - and this blog is where you can read all about it. 

Join the family - and the journey.

Welcome to Simply Courtney! 

About Courtney Morel